Past projects/performances:




Included in Inland Magazine #2: NEITHER 


26, 27, 28 May, Unseen, Fringe Arts Bath, Bath


8 April, Now you see me, now you don't, BUZZ CUT, Glasgow


23 March, Radical Practices – DASH - ABsence: Awkward Bastards 2 (AB2), Birmingham 


2 March, Desperate Artwives Leydon Gallery Takeover,  Leyden Gallery, 9 Leyden Street, E1 7LE London, 6:30 - 9:30pm, free.




3 December: "I just said that" reprise, Mansfield Unitarian Church, 17 Mansford Street, London E2 6LX, Sexcentenary + Associates.


16 December, "I just said that" reprise, Cabaret Melancholique (Cab Mel) in Peckham at 7pm, Sexcentenary + Associates.


8-9 October (Sat-Sun) weekend workshop/action ; DIY: Grey Matters;. in Brighton, free.

Ten women who identify as older, joined us in our refusal to be invisible through a demonstration of our collective power!  We brought together our peer group and spent our first day sharing stories, focusing on the politic of everyday life, and coming up with ideas as to how we can collectively assert our agency. We then performed  a new piece: "I just said that" at Brighton Train station. This DIY was supported by and took place at The Marlborough Theatre, 4 Prince's St., Brighton BN2 1RD.


This project formed part of DIY 13, a Live Art Development Agency initiative developed in collaboration with the following partners: Artsadmin, Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts, Chapter, Colchester Arts Centre, Compass Live Art, Create (IRE), DaDaFest, Delfina Foundation, Folkestone Fringe, Forest Fringe, hÅb, Heart of Glass, Home Live Art, KARST, Live Art Bistro, The Marlborough Theatre, National Theatre, Southbank Centre, Tate (Early Years and Family) and Yorkshire Sculpture Park.


27-28 August, (Sat-Sun) PERFORM PERFORM, Performance Festival, Bad Bonn, Guin/Düdingen, Switzerland, free.

PERFORM PERFORM is a newly initiated festival dedicated to contemporary performance art and uniting theoretical and practical aspects of performance art. Sexcentenary performed: "Now you see me, now you don't." This involved a series of unannounced performances, in public places, which took the form of acrions "inappropriate" for women of our age.  


25 August, (Thurs) - Rufus Stone @ Tachbrook Street Market, Westminster, noon -3pm, free.

Sexcentenary sets up shop! Everything you need to look deliciously older-- from wrinkle cream which speeds up the process to wigs and walking sticks. Rufus Stone is a collaboration of curators and artists committed to helping people re-imagine and recalibrate what art means in their lives and what art looks like. Please visit for more information. Rufus Stone @ Tachbrook Street Market is a collaboration with Westminster Council.


04 August, (Thurs) - Accumulations’ Precarious Assembly, Whitworth Gallery, Manchester,  6-9pm, free.

Sexcentenary gave the 'key note' performative presentation at the opening of the event . Precarious Assembly featured artists who have created a performance for a specific location within, throughout or around the Whitworth building, that responded to the history of female-artists and curators who have exhibited in the Whitworth throughout its history.


09 July, 2016 (Sat) Hazard, Incidental intervention and sited performance, St Ann’s Square, Manchester, noon-5pm, free.

Secentenary performed WE RUFUSE TO BE UNSEEN intended to make the audience question whether a woman's age makes her invisible. Our piece was a subtle experiment, sending confusing signals about our ageing bodies, and our ability to call attention to ourselves.  Hazard is: .... "Manchester’s stripiest festival returns to unleash a sixth wave of bizarre behaviour on the city centre, blurring the boundaries between art and activism… random actions, strange antics + ludic activities."


Three Actions at Tate – We refuse to be unseen, Tate Britain, London

Five woman, who are post-menopausal, refuse to behave in museum as is expected of them. 1. Finding no paintings with positive images of woman over 50, they bring this to the attention of viewers, 2. They demonstrate they are tired of being unseen. 3. They choose to dance vs take a tour.




Tired of Being Forever 21: An action, Westfield Mall, Stratford, London, 2015

Ten woman, who are post-menopausal, take a nap in front of Forever 21. C


Between Menopause and Old Age, Alternative Beauty, Chelsea Theatre, London, 2015

A performance by Mexican artist Rocio Boliver